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Murray River route

Murray River route

A drive along the length of the Murray River is a not-to-be-missed experience for Victorians and visitors alike. This drive will see you get out on the open road and stumble upon amazing national parks, red-gummed lined golf courses and historical sites.

The route


An attractive town in the far north-east of Victoria and the place where the Man From Snowy River legend was dreamt up.

Heading westwards, follow the Murray Valley Highway through Tallangatta which is well known for its freshwater fishing. Alternatively, take the longer Murray River Road and Talgarno Road route which closely hugs the river and the shores of Lake Hume.


A great place to stop for a while on the Murray tour, Wodonga is a major city that is best known to be coupled in conversation with its sister city Albury which is located on the other side of the river in New South Wales. It's close to picturesque Lake Hume, has great parks and a vibrant arts scene.


One of Victoria's most famous wine centres, stop off at the Rutherglen Wine Experience Centre to learn all about how to make a good drop. Wander along the town's historic streetscape or visit one of the many wineries surrounding the town.


Continue downstream along the Murray until you stumble upon Yarrawonga and its neighbour on the other side of the river - Mulwala.

A great golf course awaits you here, along with the best cod-fishing known to man! You can choose to water ski or just take in the pretty Lake Mulwala for what it is.


Surrounded by orchards and citrus farms, Cobram is an ideal holiday spot with sandy river banks lined with forests.

West of Cobram is the Barmah National Park on the Murray River. Hikers cannot resist the destination for a good long explore, and to see the famous river red gum trees in all of their glory. Be careful, however, because the Barmah National Park is located on a flood plain and just may be underwater at certain times of year, depending on the season. Read more about the Barmah National Park.


The Murray River town of Echuca has the largest operational fleet of paddle steamers in the world! Its strategic location ensured it became one of Australia's busiest inland ports during the heyday of paddlesteamer transport in the second half of the 1800s. The Port of Echuca is a nice shopping haven and the ideal place to rediscover the charm of a bygone era by taking a paddlesteamer cruise along the river - a true Murray River driving route must.


The colonial town of Swan Hill was named by explorer Thomas Mitchell in 1836 who experienced trouble sleeping thanks to some noisy swans who took up residence by his campsite near the river. Swan Hill is a great stopover for tourists and children thanks to the re-created Pioneer Settlement town.

Swan Hill is renowned for being one of the best places to dock in a Murray River houseboat and stay a while, and has earned its name as a bit of a relaxation destination with a historical flavour.


Surrounded by the Murray River, Robinvale offers scenic riverfront camping in a town located within the heart of a rich grape and olive growing area.

Heading towards Mildura, either cross the river into New South Wales and take the inland short-cut via the Sturt Highway or take the longer route along Hattah Road which follows the river for part of its journey and then skirts beside the Hattah-Kulkyne National Park.


You can be mistaken for thinking you have landed in paradise when you find this oasis!

Located on the Murray River, Mildura has restaurants and cafes galore that capitalise on the gorgeous backdrop and seem to enjoy year-round sunshine. You will find a jazz, food and wine festival here each year in November - a great excuse for Murray River driving route participants to stop for a few days and indulge. Mildura is also well-known for its Grand Hotel - a luxury accommodation option featuring the award-winning Stefano's Restaurant.