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About how we operate

The Travel Victoria website is privately owned and receives no government funding. It commenced operation in early 2004 and is run by a small and dedicated team who are passionate about Victoria and promoting its many destinations, attractions and experiences to visitors from within Australia and overseas.

While we are not associated with the government authority Tourism Victoria, nor its official travel web site "Visit Victoria", we do share the common goal of showcasing Victoria to visitors and encouraging people to tour the state.

In order to offer low advertising rates to accommodation providers, we operate quite differently to many other organisations as we are able to remove some of the more expensive components in a business's operation without causing detriment to our end product for travellers. In particular:

  • Travel Victoria has no shop front where advertisers or tourists can come in off the street and get information or assistance. Our services are run from a private dedicated office. To communicate with us, you will need to use either email, telephone or the postal service. For travellers requiring tourism information, we direct them to the appropriate visitor information centre in Victoria.
  • We regularly travel around Victoria, gathering information to update the Travel Victoria website with. As such, there may not always be someone available to answer the phone right away when you call. That's why email is our preferred method of contact, as it is read by us 7 days a week, wherever we are. If you do phone and we cannot take your call, simply leave your details on our answering service and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

While we offer low cost advertising, we do not operate like many cost-cutting operators that make up their revenue shortfall by applying additional charges for things that you really shouldn't have to pay for.

  • We do not charge fees to pay your account by credit card.
  • We do not charge a fee to have your advertising renewal printed and posted out to you.
  • We do not charge fees to update your advertisement with us. We are happy update it for you as often as you like, at no cost.
  • We offer substantial discounts for those who choose to list more than one accommodation property with us.
  • We do not use the services of people or organisations outside of Australia to develop and administer the Travel Victoria website in order to cut costs. Everything is done right here in Australia.
  • No expense is spared in providing the best infrastructure for hosting the Travel Victoria website on the internet. We use a high availability cluster of servers supplied by Australian web hosting providers with data centres physically located in Melbourne to guarantee fast and reliable access to your advertisement for locals as well as people from all over the world.

Travel Victoria is associated with a number of organisations in the tourism and hospitality industry.