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Billing arrangements

Near the end of your annual advertising period, a renewal invitation and invoice are sent out either in the mail to your designated postal address or by email.

Renewals are billed according to our current advertising rates.

Renewals are optional of course, although if you don't intend to renew or your establishment is no longer operating, we would appreciate you letting us know as soon as possible.

Full details of payment options are included on your invoice and include:

  • Cheque or money order.
  • Internet banking payment or bank branch deposit. Our BSB number and account number are shown on your invoice. Please include your invoice number or property name (or both) in the transaction description with your payment, otherwise we won't know who the payment is from. If you don't, it can be very difficult to identify your payment as most of our advertisers pay exactly the same amount and sometimes we can receive up to 10 individual payments into our account in a single day.
  • Credit card. We accept only Visa or Mastercard. Either renew online using the instructions provided on the invoice, or post your credit card details to us. Never email credit card numbers as email messages are not secure. Credit card payments will show up on your bank statement with the description "JBlue Technologies Pakenham Aus".

Receipts for payments are only provided on request. This is because your payment will appear as a transaction on your bank statement.

If your advertisement is not renewed soon after the due date displayed on your invoice, a final renewal invitation is sent to you in case the original was lost, misplaced, or if you were away when it was first sent out. Advertisements not renewed after that are removed.

Advertisement statistics

You can check when your advertising is paid up to and verify a renewal payment has been received by viewing your advertisement's statistics. They are accessed by clicking on the work tools icon shown within your advertisement in the bottom right corner of the page. Those details are updated within a few days of us receiving your renewal payment.