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Phone numbers

Multiple phone numbers can be listed, for example both landline and mobile, to ensure potential guests can try a few options if they need to speak with you directly. If you have a toll free number, you may also wish to list that to encourage people to make contact.

Email address

It is your responsibility to ensure that email address displayed within your advertisement is functional. Contact us immediately if you require changes to your listed email address. We cannot be held responsible for lost emails if the email address you have provided us with is incorrect, is not accepting new emails due to a quota being exceeded, or you have spam filters in place which are causing the enquiries sent to you being classified as junk or discarded.

Note that a few times a year, we run an automated test on every email address listed in every accommodation listing to ensure it is able to receive email. This test can only pick up some instances of email addresses not working, and if we detect yours is one of them, we shall notify you. However, please do not rely on this automated test. As soon as you change your email address, let us know, otherwise you'll start to lose valuable email enquiries.

We only permit one email address to be displayed within your advertisement. Listing multiple addresses may confuse potential guests as to whether they should send an email to one of the addresses or separate individual emails to each of the addresses listed. If you need each email enquiry to go to multiple people or addresses at once, create an email list of addresses (consult your email provider for help setting it up) and we will display the address of the email list for enquiries.

The email address published within your advertisement is spam database protected by using an image to represent part of the address. This image is clearly readable by humans, but usually is able to fool those automatic internet harvesters that scour web pages to build up huge databases of email addresses for the purposes of sending out spam email. Note that while this effectively stops the harvesting of your email address into a database for a spam campaign, this does not stop a spammer manually copying your email address or using the direct email message window within your advertisement to send you a personal unsolicited commercial message. If you receive an unsolicited commercial message in this manner, you can report it to the Australian Communications and Media Authority who enforce the Spam Act 2003 in Australia.

Descriptive text

Include here descriptive information about your property. If you have your own website, there is no need to repeat the entire contents of it here - simply provide a summary of what you offer as people can simply click the link to your website for further details.

Try not to use the descriptive text to repeat information already displayed elsewhere in your advertisement such as specific tariffs, phone numbers or star ratings. Those items have dedicated sections for them. When updating your advertisement, it can be easy to miss amending all occurrences of something if it's repeated in multiple places.

Accommodation rates

Please pay close attention to these. While we try and cover variations within your tariff with a "conditions may apply" clause displayed next to your published rates, you should ensure your tariffs are relevant and up to date. You can either specify a simple base rate, a broad range of rates, or provide a more detailed schedule which lists rates for different room types or particular times of year.

Instead of displaying accommodation rates, you may be tempted to request people contact yourself for the current tariffs. While this gives you the ultimate in flexibility and saves you specifying and updating the rates within your advertisement, it does place you at a distinct disadvantage. Some people may simply skip your property and move onto the next one if the only way for them to get an idea about your rates requires them to make an effort to phone or email you.

You can also display details of packages or specials. For specials spanning a short and fixed period, consider promoting it on our specials page - it's free and gives you great additional exposure.

Star rating

The star rating scheme for accommodation is a certified trademark of Star Ratings Australia. Thus we can only display official star ratings within your advertisement - not star ratings that you have assigned yourself or star ratings that have expired. Further information about star ratings can be found on the Star Ratings Australia website.

Property features

The first item listed here is the maximum number of people that can sleep overnight on your property. If you have multiple rooms or buildings on the property, it refers to the collective total. When doing a search for accommodation, people can choose to specify how many are planning to stay, in single increments from 1 to 12, or using the option "more than 12" for larger groups. This will restrict the display to only properties that have the sleeping capacity to accommodate the whole group.

Note that for properties that can sleep more than 12 people, this item is not displayed within your listing. This is because those properties will not be restricted by the number of guests people select as it falls into the "more than 12" category.

The rest of the items in this list are for facilities you offer guests. This list is restricted and can only contain the facilities people can specifically search for within step 3 of the accommodation search page. Any other facilities not on the list that you would like to highlight should be included within your property's free-format descriptive paragraphs. Note that the wording used to describe a specific facility in the "property features" list cannot be changed as only very generic terms are used. So if you have "pool" listed, and you want guests to know it's solar heated, then that extra detail will need to go in your descriptive paragraphs as "pool" is a generic term that cannot be uniquely modified for each individual property.


As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so you should try to ensure the photos displayed within your advertisement are clear, up to date and give a true indication of the accommodation offered and facilities provided. Poor or inadequate photos may discourage people from enquiring about your accommodation, so it can be quite a worthwhile investment to organise good photos to showcase your property.

While there are no hard limits to the number of photographs you can display within your advertisement, most providers tend to supply at least 10.

To update photos, we can either copy them from your website or you can email them to us. We resize the photos ourselves, but if you wish to do some preliminary resizing to speed up the sending of the email, you can scale them back so they aren't more than about 800 pixels wide, or keep the image file size under about 100 kB.

Videos and virtual tours

Videos or virtual tours of your accommodation property can be included in your advertisement.

With videos that are on YouTube, we embed the video within the page, so people can either watch it there or click on an appropriate link to watch it on YouTube where the viewing size can be changed.

With videos that aren't on YouTube, or for virtual tours, we include a link to it which people can click on to bring it up in a new window or smaller pop-up window.

Accommodation location map

We use Google Maps to provide an interactive map allowing people to locate your accommodation property if you wish to make public its exact location. The pointer showing the location of your property is usually defined using the street address, but if that results in the pointer showing your property in the wrong spot, let us know as we can move the location marker. Unfortunately we can't change the actual contents of the map, such as street names or locations of roads, although Google Maps are updated regularly with changes and corrections. If you don't include a street number with your property's location (some holiday house owners prefer not to make public the precise location), the location map will show a general pointer to the street rather than the exact location. A traditional location map (as an image) can also be included within your advertisement if you wish, but you must supply us with one.

Your property's own website

If you have a dedicated website for your accommodation property, a link can be provided to it within your advertisement. This allows prospective guests to click through to it and find our more about your accommodation. It also provides a good source of traffic for your own website.

We only provide links to websites which are working and are not "proposed", "under construction" or contain information that doesn't relate to your accommodation property. It's no use directing people to a website if they can't find any relevant information on it.

We regularly run an automated test on the external website link within every accommodation listing to ensure it works. This test is only basic and cannot pick up subtle problems with your website. If the test detects a fundamental website problem, we shall notify you. If you change your website address, let us know, otherwise prospective guests won't get anywhere by clicking the link to find out more information.

Be aware that while approximately 40% of visitors to the Travel Victoria website are using the Internet Explorer web browser, the remaining 60% are actually using other web browsers such as Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome, some of which may be accessed from mobile devices such as tablet and smart phones. If your website only works properly with Internet Explorer, then you are effectively blocking out 60% of visitors to your accommodation's own website.

Real-time on-line booking system

If your property is managed using a real-time booking system with an interface that prospective guests can use over the internet, notify us so we can include a link to it within your advertisement. This will enable guests to instantly make a booking themselves without telephoning or emailing you, thus saving you time.

Within all town/city accommodation pages for locations in Victoria, an option is available to view the current availability or pricing for all properties together in a grid layout. This availability is updated twice a day - refer to the "last updated" time displayed on the relevant page. Any days where availability cannot be worked out are shown with a question mark. Any days where availability is computed by consulting a simple calendar (i.e. no pricing) are shown with a green tick.

Your accommodation will feature in the availability grid with pricing if your online booking system is:

  • Bookings247
  • NewBook
  • RMS
  • SiteMinder (The Booking Button or Little Hotelier)
  • UseRoss
  • Wotif

The price displayed refers to the lowest rate available for two adults in a vacant room. This minimum price may require a stay that exceeds one night.

For nights where a one night stay is not permitted, a minimum stay requirement will be displayed if the room is available for stays of an additional one or two nights, with the average daily rate shown for that multi-night stay.

For online booking systems not listed above, a question mark will be shown for your accommodation's availability for each night.

If you don't use a real-time on-line booking system, but you use an availability calendar, your accommodation will feature in the availability grid with no pricing - just an indication if there is a vacancy or not.

Availability calendar

Refer to availability calendar information.