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Change of ownership

If you're about to sell your accommodation property, the new owners will be pleased to know that your advertisement is transferred to them at no cost, and it will continue to run until the end of its advertising period, at which time it can be renewed if the new owners desire.

When you sell your property, please notify us so we can update our internal records accordingly. Please also inform the new owners that they do have an advertisement running on Travel Victoria and that it can be updated at any time by them once they take over.

Please note that refunds are not available for unused advertising if you sell your property during your advertising period. Advertisements are automatically transferred to the new owners if the property will still be available for rental, so you will need to factor advertising costs you have pre-paid into the final property settlement arrangements.

If you've recently taken over an accommodation property that is advertised on Travel Victoria, please feel free to contact us to introduce yourself and to ensure we have your contact details up to date.