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Travel Victoria operates differently to many other websites that advertise accommodation. We are NOT a booking service like Stayz, Wotif or AirBnB. Instead, we refer people directly to you, as all your accommodation's contact details are displayed within your advertisement, including phone number, street address (important for those with an on-site reception), email address, website link and availability/booking links.

Note that booking services usually restrict initial contact between yourself and prospective guests to email, in order to record an interaction so as to later claim commission fees from you. They direct zero people to your website, so if you've put a lot of effort into developing it with plenty of information, then they won't see it. Also, there's nothing quicker than a prospective guest phoning you up immediately or using your instant availability/booking system if you have one to make a reservation. Travel Victoria provides prospective guests with access to all that, unlike most other accommodation websites.

As well as restricting access to your direct contact details, booking services will typically charge you a significant commission on every booking. Every prospective guest referred to you by Travel Victoria is commission free.

We obviously can't track how many people have telephoned you directly, turned up at your property to enquire in person (if you have an on-site reception), or those that found your website and made an enquiry or booking through it. But we do have the facilities to record statistics related to some basic aspects of your advertisement's performance to give you an idea of the exposure it is providing.

Advertisement statistics

Your advertisement's monthly performance statistics are accessed by clicking on the work tools icon shown within your advertisement in the bottom right corner of the page.

The statistics displayed are updated each month and show various items of information.

Full page ad views

This is the most important performance statistic of them all.

This shows how many people looked at your full page advertisement. Given that your phone number is clearly displayed, some of those people may then have telephoned you directly to enquire or make a booking. For those properties with an on-site reception, some of those people may actually turn up at your property in person to enquire or organise a stay.

Visits to your official website

If you have a website listed in your advertisement, this shows the number of people that wanted further information about your property and then clicked on the link to take them to your own website. These people may have then submitted an enquiry or booking from your website. So while that enquiry or booking may have come directly from your own website, they may have gotten there in the first place due to your advertisement on Travel Victoria.

Visits to your on-line booking system

If you have set up a real-time on-line availability and booking system for your property, we generally would have provided a link into this facility within your advertisement. Shown here are the number of people that have clicked directly through to your booking system. Some of those people may then check availability or make a booking from there, which they got to because of the direct link to your on-line booking system on Travel Victoria.

Visits to your availability calendar

This is for properties that don't have a real-time on-line availability and booking system, but instead keep an availability calendar up to date. Shown here are the number of people that have viewed your availability calendar. If a prospective guest has seen a suitable vacancy when looking at the calendar, they may then contact you to book a stay.

Email messages sent

This records how many people sent you an email enquiry by filling in the message window that pops up when they click on your email address. The email will be sent to you with a subject line that begins with "Enquiry via Travel Victoria". Note that we cannot track email messages that people have sent by simply cutting and pasting your displayed email address into their email application. We also cannot track email messages people have sent using an enquiry form or email address you display on your own website (if you have one).

If you also have listings on other websites that Travel Victoria manages, such as Beach Stays and Dogs On Holidays, then those statistics will be shown as well.