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Guest reviews

We don't publish guest reviews or feedback from guests who have stayed at your property on the Travel Victoria website, unless you explicitly supply us with some to include within your listing. However, a number of websites, some of which may be completely outside of your control, may publish such reviews. It is important to be aware of this as certain reviews may negatively affect your business and persuade people not to stay with you.


The most popular world-wide accommodation review website is TripAdvisor, where more than 150 million travel reviews have been posted. Many places to stay in Australia are covered, from cities to small towns, including many types of accommodation, from hotels to B&Bs. Chances are your property is listed there.

People may have different reasons for posting reviews, but often it's because they are either extremely happy with their stay or the exact opposite, whereby they have a complaint that they probably didn't feel like telling your staff face to face at the time, but felt more comfortable airing it to the rest of the world with a degree of anonymity.

If you simply let a bad review go unchallenged on TripAdvisor, then it has the potential to turn future guests away and negatively impact on your business forever. People often give more weight to bad reviews than good reviews, so if you get a bad one, TripAdvisor provides an option for your accommodation property to post what is called a "management response". Note that you cannot remove guest reviews, you can only respond to them. As there are often two sides to every story, giving your viewpoint on the issues raised in the poor review can possibly neutralise the potential damage being caused by it.

On TripAdvisor, you can register yourself as owner of the property for free. Simply look for the section on your accommodation property's review page titled "is (insert property name) your business". Once registered, you can see all the information that TripAdvisor has about your property and post follow-up management responses. Alternatively, go to the TripAdvisor owners page, search for and claim ownership of your accommodation listing, or apply for a listing if you're not already present on TripAdvisor.

It is important to give serious and objective consideration to any negative comments guests have made. They can provide a valuable source of guidance for improving your property and the quality of service offered to guests.

Don't ignore TripAdvisor. With over 450 million unique visitors every month, and reviews covering around 2 million accommodation properties in 140,000 towns and cities worldwide, it's a significant source of very influential information about your accommodation which many potential guests are bound to see.