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Making updates

It is important to keep the information within your advertisement up to date for the benefit of potential guests and to ensure quality and accuracy in your advertising. This is particularly important for your contact details as they are the primary link between yourself and potential guests for enquiries and bookings. If a prospective guest can't reach you through any of those methods, they may try somewhere else.

Updates are done personally by staff at Travel Victoria on your behalf, at no cost. Simply email with the details you need changed. New photos can be emailed to us, posted out to us on a CD, or we can copy them from your website. Ensure you have copyright ownership or usage permission for any material you provide us with to use within your advertisement.

Simple updates, such as changes to your tariffs, facilities or the wording within your advertisement, are in most cases implemented within 24 hours of being sent to us. More complex changes, such as updating or replacing photo galleries, may possibly require an extra day for us to process. If your requested changes have not been completed within two days of submitting them to us, please contact us to see where things stand. Sometimes emails do go astray or we may encounter periods of high workload which delay action on your updates.

If you view your advertisement and the changes we have made don't appear to show up (particularly when it comes to updating photos), you may need to press the "refresh" or "reload" button in your web browser to force your computer to bypass its cache (local storage of previously downloaded documents) so it fetches the newly updated page. If you need further help, see refresh your cache.

Please note that there are no self-serve facilities whereby advertisers can change the contents of their advertisement themselves using a password. We maintain full editorial control over the contents published on the Travel Victoria website to ensure consistency and a high standard across all accommodation listings.