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Overseas visitors

Overseas visitors

Visitor visas

Residents of overseas countries who are not Australian or New Zealand citizens require a visa to enter Australia for personal, tourism or business purposes. This must be obtained prior to arrival in Australia.

You can either arrange the visa yourself, or your travel agent or airline may be able to arrange it for you.

There are several types of visitor visas. The one you require is determined by the country which has issued your passport.

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Australian power point and plug
Australian power point and plug

Electricity from mains supply power points in Australia is alternating current which is usually specified as being supplied at 230 to 240 volts with a frequency of 50 Hz. Officially, mains supply voltage is 230 volts with a tolerance range of +10% and -6% (i.e. 216 to 253 volts).

If you have electrical devices you are bringing into Australia from countries other than New Zealand and some South Pacific nations, you may require a power adapter to convert your power plug into one that will fit into an Australian power socket. For countries which don't use 230 volts mains power (including Canada, USA, Mexico, countries in Central America, some South American countries and Japan), you will need a voltage converter.

Plan your visit

An Aussie Specialist Travel Agent has the knowledge and experience to help you plan and book your visit to Victoria or elsewhere in Australia from overseas. They have received extensive training from Tourism Australia.

There are thousands of Aussie Specialist Travel Agents who can be found in many countries world-wide. Search for yours below.

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