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Public holidays

Public holidays

There are 11 official public holidays in Victoria each year.

Public holiday 2014 2015
New Year's Day Wednesday 1st January Thursday 1st January
Australia Day Sunday 26th January
Monday 27th January *
Monday 26th January
Labour Day Monday 10th March Monday 9th March
Good Friday Friday 18th April Friday 3rd April
Easter Saturday Saturday 19th April Saturday 4th April
Easter Monday Monday 21st April Monday 6th April
ANZAC Day Friday 25th April Saturday 25th April
Queen's Birthday Monday 9th June Monday 8th June
Melbourne Cup
(may be substituted)
Tuesday 4th November Tuesday 3rd November
Christmas Day Thursday 25th December Friday 25th December
Boxing Day Friday 26th December Saturday 26th December
Monday 28th December *

* Denotes additional or substitute holiday date due to holiday falling during a weekend.

Substituted Melbourne Cup public holiday

Non-metropolitan councils in Victoria can opt for a different public holiday in lieu of Melbourne Cup day, which can apply either across their entire municipality or to individual towns and cities.

See the list of non-metropolitan public holidays declared in Victoria.