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School holidays

School holidays

Dates for school holidays in Victoria are provided below. Note that some private or independent schools may observe different holiday dates.

School holidays 2013 2014
Summer break 22 Dec 2012
28 Jan 2013 *
21 Dec 2013
27 Jan 2014 *
Autumn break 29 Mar 2013
14 Apr 2013
5 Apr 2014
21 Apr 2014
Winter break 29 Jun 2013
14 Jul 2013
28 Jun 2014
13 Jul 2014
Spring break 21 Sep 2013
6 Oct 2013
20 Sep 2014
5 Oct 2014
* Some schools may declare student free day(s) at the end of the summer break.
Information provided by Department of Education


Schoolies is a graduation festival celebrated by year 12 school leavers (at the conclusion of their final year at secondary school), after completing their exams. While most events are held along Queensland's coast, attracting thousands of school leavers from around the country, organised activities are also held at some coastal areas of Victoria.

Surf Coast: Lorne and Torquay
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Mornington Peninsula: Rosebud, Rye and Sorrento
Further information: Mornington Peninsula Schoolies

Phillip Island: Cowes
Further information: Bass Coast Schoolies