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Toll roads

Toll roads

Toll roads in Melbourne have blue signage with gold coloured lettering. This is in contrast to the green signage with white lettering used on roads that do not require the payment of tolls for their use.

Collection of tolls on all of Melbourne's toll roads is done automatically, without slowing down or stopping. At each toll point, vehicles pass under a gantry which communicates with a small electronic tag that motorists have installed in their vehicles. If a vehicle doesn't have an electronic tag installed, overhead cameras can use number plate recognition technology to identify the vehicle for billing purposes.

Melbourne has two toll road operators - Transurban who manage CityLink (parts of M1, M2 and Batman Avenue) and ConnectEast who manage EastLink (part of M3).

EastLink Tollway
EastLink (toll road) at Rowville,
approaching Monash Freeway (no tolls)
  West Gate Freeway
West Gate Freeway (no tolls) at Southbank,
approaching CityLink (toll road)


Tolled sections:

  • Southern Link (M1) - Monash Freeway between Power Street (Southbank) and Toorak Road (Malvern), including the Domain and Burnley Tunnels
  • Western Link (M2) - Tullamarine Freeway between West Gate Freeway (Port Melbourne) and Bell Street (Strathmore), including the Bolte Bridge
  • Batman Avenue (Melbourne) between Flinders Street and Olympic Boulevard (excluding vehicles entering car parks at Melbourne Park)

See CityLink or phone 13 26 29 (+61 3 9945 0800 from overseas).


Tolled sections:

See EastLink or phone 13 54 65 (+61 3 9955 1400 from overseas).

Map of Melbourne freeways and toll roads

Visitors to Melbourne

Are you driving a rental vehicle?
Most hire car operators will have arrangements in place allowing you to drive the vehicle on Melbourne's toll roads without restriction and you will be automatically billed for any usage. These arrangements will either consist of an electronic tag fitted to the vehicle's windscreen or the submission of the vehicle's number plate to toll road operators for identification during your rental period. Confirm these arrangements when collecting your vehicle. Additional processing charges may be added to standard toll fees.

Are you driving a vehicle fitted with an electronic tag issued by an interstate toll operator?
Electronic tags issued by any toll road operator in Australia will work on all of Melbourne's toll roads. Simply drive though toll gantries at or below the speed limit and charges will be automatically billed to your own road toll account.

Are you driving a vehicle without an electronic tag fitted?
You will need to make payment preferably before travelling or within 3 days after travelling to purchase a temporary pass.

Various temporary passes are available and can be purchased by either:

  • Visiting the CityLink or EastLink website and making payment online
  • Phoning CityLink on 13 26 29 or EastLink on 13 54 65
  • Purchasing a pass over the counter at any post office in Victoria
  • Purchasing a pass at selected newsagents and service stations

When purchasing a temporary pass, you will be asked to provide your vehicle's registration number so that it can be recognised by cameras when driving through toll gantries.

A convenient option for visitors to Melbourne planning to make multiple trips on any of Melbourne's toll roads over an extended period of time is a Melbourne Pass. No electronic tag is required and tolls are automatically charged to your nominated credit card using number plate recognition technology when driving through toll points. The pass is valid for up to 30 days and can be extended up to an additional 30 days if required.