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Historic streetscapes

Historic streetscapes

Victoria's passion for heritage has ensured that many of its cities and towns have preserved elements which define the state's unique character.

Ballarat, Bendigo and Castlemaine
The thriving and prosperous goldmining days of the late 1800s resulted in the construction of elaborate public buildings and ornate shop fronts within these three large centres. While modern architecture has crept in over time, they still retain many well-preserved elements in their streetscapes as a legacy to the gold rush era.

Many of the original shopfronts first erected in the 19th century during the gold rush era have been wonderfully preserved in Beechworth. The town also has a strong focus on interpreting its heritage for visitors in the form of museums, galleries and an entire cultural precinct of provincial government buildings.

Chiltern showcases a fascinating collection of historic buildings and shops with wide verandahs along the streets of the town centre. Chiltern's streetscape is a faithful preservation of its goldmining heritage which has resulted in it being used as the setting for many TV series and films.

The site of Victoria's first gold strike in 1851, Clunes boasts a remarkably authentic town centre from those gold rush days, with a fascinating collection of shops and other buildings along Fraser Street. Like Chiltern, Clunes has been used for TV shows and movies set in those old times.

Maldon is noted by the National Trust as having the most intact historic streetscape in Victoria. Its rows of restored buildings provide a living history of the town's goldmining era of the 1850s.

Nyah West
Situated around 30 kilometres north-west of Swan Hill, Nyah West is unusual with almost all of the town's buildings dating from the 1920s.

A beautifully preserved former gold-mining town which is now home to just a few remaining residents. Situated in an isolated area at the edge of the Victorian Alps, Walhalla features a streetscape consisting of heritage buildings where you can really imagine you have stepped back in time.

This small village is located 6 kilometres from Bright and has had its entire valley landscape classified by the National Trust.

A wealth of historic architecture can be seen along the tree-lined streets of Yackandandah. The town is particularly attractive during autumn when its many deciduous trees erupt into blazing colours.