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Buchan Caves

Buchan Caves

For a leisurely glimpse of the world underground, the Buchan Caves are the perfect place. They are located near the town of Buchan, around 55 kilometres north of Lakes Entrance.

There are two limestone caves here which offer guided tours daily - Royal Cave and Fairy Cave. Tour participants can explore the cave pools rimmed with calcite and view spectacular stalactites and stalagmites. The area is cool and comfortable to visit, and the caves withhold a constant 17 degrees all year round - a lovely cool change during a hot Victorian summer!

The surrounding Buchan Caves Reserve features a picnic area with deciduous trees, a kiosk and a visitors centre. Lyrebirds and kangaroos are regular visitors to the reserve and several walks can be undertaken from here.

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Princess Margaret Rose Cave

The Princess Margaret Rose Cave is located near the Glenelg River, north of the coastal town of Nelson and just a few kilometres from the state border with South Australia.

Take a guided tour through these spectacular limestone caves which are over 700,000 years old. Marvel at the amazing formations within the cave which include helictites. These are gravity defying formations which inexplicably grow in all different direction.

At the Princess Margaret Rose Cave is an interpretive centre, auditorium, kiosk and camping grounds. Or wander a few hundred metres to the Glenelg River for great views and fishing.

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Byaduk Caves

The Byaduk Caves are located within the Mount Napier State Park near Hamilton in south-western Victoria. These caves are lava tubes, formed by flowing molten lava. The upper part of the lava solidifies while, underneath, the molten lava flows away, leaving the tubes.

Byaduk Caves are the most extensive lava caves in Australia, however only the Harmans 1 cave is open to the public. Visitors need to contact the Parks Victoria ranger to arrange access.

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