Bruthen photos


Bruthen is a small rural village situated 24 kilometres north-east of Bairnsdale on the Great Alpine Road which continues on across the Great Diving Range to Mount Hotham, Bright and Wangaratta.

Bruthen features an attractive commercial centre, consisting of a number of speciality shops, a general store (built in 1860) and the historic post office (built in 1890). Shady gardens with a rotunda and picnic areas are situated beside the town's main street.

The Tambo River is located just to the south of town and it makes its journey into the Gippsland Lakes system via Swan Reach, entering Lake King north of the fishing village of Metung.

The East Gippsland Rail Trail passes through Bruthen on its way between Bairnsdale and Orbost, following the route of the old railway, and is popular with walkers, bicyclists, and horse riders.

The Fairy Dell Scenic Reserve is located west of Bruthen, accessed via Eleven Mile Road. This thick forested park features picnic areas and walking tracks through the temperate rainforest.