Eildon photos


The town of Eildon is located east of Alexandra, on the southern shores of Lake Eildon at the Goulburn River. It is a particularly scenic spot, surrounded by the Lake Eildon National Park and mountains covered in thick forests, making it a peaceful holiday location.

Eildon's commercial centre is set one street back from the Goulburn River and is built around a central garden and car park which fronts Main Street and enjoys a scenic mountain backdrop.

Riverside Drive, which extends along the grassy northern banks of the Goulburn River from the town centre is a popular spot for picnics, BBQs and fishing off the jetties. On the other side of the river, along the Goulburn Valley Highway approaching Eildon, are a number of other picnic grounds and fishing spots.

Lake Eildon is one of the largest artificial lakes in Victoria, boasting over 500 kilometres of coastline. It was built between 1951 and 1956 for the purposes of irrigation and electricity generation, with a major upgrade to the dam wall and spillway completed in 2005. A drive along Embankment Road traverses the dam wall and offers good views across the lake and south-west towards the power station, pondage and Eildon town centre. Near the spillway is a scenic lookout with gardens at its base. Walk along the bridge structure over the spillway for views along the river and upstream to the lake. At nearby Point Dethridge is a major boat ramp which is an activity hub for watercraft including jet skis, power boats and houseboats.

A couple of attractions are well worth a visit to the east of the town centre, along Jerusalem Creek Road. Mount Pinniger rises to an elevation of 543 metres, and a lookout at the peak offers stunning views across the surrounding waterway. Further east along Jerusalem Creek Road is a harbour with boat ramps and is a good spot to observe fleets of houseboats.

Other places of interest around Lake Eildon include Bonnie Doon, at the lake's north-western extremity, Mansfield to the north-east, and Jamieson at the south-eastern end of the lake.