Golden Beach photos

Golden Beach

Golden Beach is a quiet seaside community located 36 kilometres from Sale and midway along Gippsland's beautiful Ninety Mile Beach between the coastal towns of Loch Sport and Seaspray.

The town centre of Golden Beach is accessed via the Longford - Golden Beach Road which crosses the usually dry expanse of Lake Reeve that extends parallel to the coast. After crossing the lake, the road is known as Surf Edge Drive and opens up into a wide boulevard with a central strip of grass and trees.

Midway along Surf Edge Drive is the Veronica Maybury Memorial Reserve which consists of a football oval, BMX track, bowling green and 9 hole golf course.

Near the junction of Surf Edge Drive and the coastal route of Shoreline Drive is Golden Beach's commercial centre which includes Foodarama General Store, a cafe/restaurant, public hall, playground and church. Towering Norfolk Pine trees line Surf Edge Drive in this area.

The 90 Mile Beach extends in both directions along the coast as far as the eye can see. It features pristine golden sands bordered by dunes and coastal vegetation. The main access point to the beach is from the park located on Shoreline Drive, just south of Surf Edge Drive. This park has a large grassed area with BBQ and picnic shelters. A pathway leads from the park to a viewing platform which provides panoramic views along the coast. Steps from the viewing platform lead directly down to the beach below.

A great feature of Golden Beach are the numerous foreshore camping areas which are located along Shoreline Drive. Direct access to the beach via pathways across the sand dunes is provided from these camping areas.

On the beach, around 6½ kilometres south-west of the Golden Beach town centre, is the Trinculo wreck. In 1879, a gale caused this cargo sailing ship to strike a sandbar just off the coast, forcing it ashore. The remains of this vessel can still be seen on the beach today. To visit the wreck, drive to the signposted car park on Shoreline Drive and then follow the shady track through the coastal vegetation and across the sand dunes to the beach where the wreck is.

Following Shoreline Drive north-east of Golden Beach leads to Paradise Beach which is a beach front residential community with a large collection of holiday homes. At the far end of Paradise Beach is the entrance to the Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park, located on Pines Track. A steep walking track near this entrance ascends a large sand dune which offers good views across Lake Reeve from its summit.

Great ocean fishing can be enjoyed in and around Golden Beach, while there is prolific bird life along the coast and throughout the neighbouring bush and reserves. Water access for boats to the vast Gippsland Lakes system is available at McLennan Strait which is a channel of water linking Lake Wellington to Lake Victoria. To get there, follow the road towards Loch Sport, taking the signposted road to McLennan Strait which passes through the tiny settlement of Seacombe.