Mirboo North photos

Mirboo North

Mirboo North is a small farming town located on the main highway between Morwell in the Latrobe Valley and Leongatha.

Situated in the scenic Strzelecki ranges, Mirboo North is surrounded by rolling hills and forests. It is primarily an agricultural district and together with the neighbouring town of Thorpdale in the north, it supplies up to 80 percent of the state's brushed potato market for six months of the year.

Mirboo North's commercial centre is situated on the Ridgway which includes a supermarket and a collection of shops and historic buildings, some of which are decorated with colourful murals depicting scenes of the region's bygone days. Baromi Park fronts much of the northern side of the Ridgway, and offers expanses of lawns, gardens, BBQ areas, picnic shelters and is the venue of the local country market and the fresh produce market. Other attractions within the town centre include the Old Colonial Bank of Antiques & Craft and the Grand Ridge Brewery which features a restaurant and beer sales outlet.

A short but popular tourist drive is along the Old Thorpdale Road and Dickies Hill Road. This approximately 15 kilometre loop passes through elevated forest areas, offering scenic views of the surrounding countryside and farming areas. The Dickies Hill Reserve offers good views to the south, and during the late Spring, the purple and gold Mirboo Lily blooms at the reserve and and throughout the surrounding areas.

Just a short drive north of Mirboo North on the Strzelecki Highway is the Lyrebird Forest Walk which is a 5 kilometre walking track through native bushland. The Grand Ridge Road passes through Mirboo North on its 132 kilometre path along the ridge of the Strzelecki Range, offering stunning views of farmland and mountain forests.