Warburton photos


Warburton is an attractive town on the Yarra River, nestled in a valley between heavily forested mountains, east of Lilydale and on the road to Mount Donna Buang.

The town's main commercial centre is situated along the Warburton Highway and adjacent to the Yarra River. It caters well for visitors and tourists with a multitude of cafes and other eateries, many housed in buildings which date back to Warburton's early beginnings as a mountain escape for Melburnians in the early 1900s. The Visitor Information Centre is a prominent landmark in the main street, featuring a large replica of a water wheel used by the logging industry in the past.

The Yarra River through Warburton is lined with attractive parkland and sporting facilities. The Yarra River Walk is an almost 3 kilometre long pathway along the river through the town centre and past river crossings including the iconic swingbridge in Story Reserve.

The picturesque La La Falls are located off Old Warburton Road, south of the town centre. Access is via a 1½ kilometre long track which follows the course of Four Mile Creek through the Yarra State Forest.

Under 20 minutes drive from Warburton is Mount Donna Buang. Rising to a height of 1,245 metres, it is the closest snow field to Melbourne. Attractions at the summit include BBQs, walking tracks, toboggan runs, and a 21 metre tall lookout tower.

At Cement Creek, around 10 kilometres from the summit of Mount Donna Buang, is the Rainforest Gallery which consists of a series of steps down to the lush forest floor. The Mount Donna Buang Skywalk is also accessed from there, offering a 40 metre long elevated walkway through the tree tops. From Cement Creek, a scenic drive can be taken along the 29 kilometre long Acheron Way which winds its way through dense forest with scenic mountain views before joining the Maroondah Highway near Marysville.

Around 24 kilometres north-east of Warburton is the Upper Yarra Reservoir. Visitors can enjoy the well-maintained gardens and picnic grounds, surrounded by eucalypt bushland. Two lookouts offer spectacular views of the reservoir, spillway and surrounding catchment area.