Cape Otway photos

Cape Otway

Cape Otway is situated at the southern tip of Victoria's western coast, where the Southern Ocean meets Bass Strait. For petrol and other services, visitors will need to travel to the nearest major towns on the Great Ocean Road, those being Apollo Bay (32 km north-east) or Lavers Hill (36 km north-west).

Much of the district around Cape Otway is included in the Great Otway National Park, which features rainforest and streams in the Otway Ranges, and extends right down to the coast where a rugged coastline meets with pockets of sandy beaches.

One of Cape Otway's most popular attractions is the Cape Otway Lightstation. It began operating in 1848, serving as warning beacon for sailing ships navigating along Victoria's southern coast. While its services have now been replaced by modern technology and infrastructure, visitors can climb to the top of the lighthouse for spectacular views and tour the surrounding historical buildings which includes lightkeepers' residences, a telegraph station and a radar room.