San Remo photos

San Remo

Named after the famous Italian Riviera resort town, San Remo is situated at the southern entrance to Western Port. A bridge in the town centre provides a link from the mainland to the popular holiday destination of Phillip Island.

San Remo's commercial centre stretches along Marine Parade which runs parallel to Phillip Island Road and the bridge across to the island. Cafes, bakeries, two hotels, restaurants and gift shops line this tourist precinct. Across the road from the shops at the western end of Marine Parade is a park with BBQ and picnic areas that stretches down to a sandy beach.

Originally established as a deep water port for the transportation of farm produce and coal to Melbourne in the mid-1800s, a thriving fishing industry soon developed in San Remo and it is currently the base for Australia's largest shark fishing fleet. The main hub of boating activity occurs around the network of elevated walkways which constitutes the San Remo Jetty, offering direct access to both Western Port and Bass Strait. On the beach foreshore adjacent to the San Remo Jetty, pelicans are fed daily from freshly caught fish at around 12 noon.

A scenic coastal track commences near the entrance to San Remo Jetty. It curves around Davis Point and follows the length of Childrens Beach and Beach Beach, offering views along the coast towards Griffiths Point and also across the water to Phillip Island.

San Remo's Back Beach, located off Back Beach Road, is situated at the base of cliffs and directly opposite Cape Woolamai at Phillip Island. Lions Park, which sits above the cliffs, features BBQ and picnic areas and a scenic clifftop walk. One of San Remo's most secluded beaches is Bore Beach, located at the southern end of the unsealed Potters Hill Road and facing Bass Strait. A scenic track winds its way down from the car park at the top of the cliffs down to a large stretch of sandy beach below.

A bridge spans the fast moving waters of "The Narrows", linking San Remo with Phillip Island's most easterly settlement of Newhaven. The 700 metre long bridge was opened in 1969 and includes a pedestrian walkway which offers good views over San Remo, the jetty and towards Phillip Island.