Cobram photos


Cobram is located on the Murray River, just across this grand waterway from the small New South Wales border town of Barooga.

The commercial centre of Cobram is primarily based around Punt Road and Main Street, and consists of a selection of shops, supermarkets, hotels and cafes. Historic buildings in the town centre include the Cobram Hotel (built in 1892), law offices (1892) and Masonic Lodge (1888).

Mivo Park, located at the edge of the shopping precinct, offers an attractive oasis complete with rose gardens, a playground and picnic areas.

The old Cobram railway station is set within parklands featuring a small lake, rose gardens, a gallery and a reassembled log cabin dating back to 1874.

The Mill End is the oldest part of Cobram, located on the north side of Mookarii Street between Warkil Street and the Murray River. This originally thickly timbered area was first surveyed in 1886, with its name reflecting the sawmills that operated in the area. The Mill End precinct includes Cobram's oldest hotel, the Royal Victoria Hotel, a local shopping area and an established residential area.

Cobram is a popular holiday destination, with its chief attraction being the Murray River. The river twists and turns through a thick state forest which provides numerous walking trails through the native bushland and wetlands. The Murray River around Cobram features some attractive sandy beaches lined with towering gum trees and grass picnic areas, ideal for swimming, fishing, boating and camping. Thompsons Beach is located just north of the bridge over the river to Barooga, while Scotts Beach, with its extensive camping area, is located just a couple of kilometres from the town centre along River Road. On the way to Scotts Beach is Quinn Island which is a 40 hectare waterbird haven located at a bend in the river. A footbridge provides pedestrian access to the island.

The land around Cobram is part of a rich pastoral, dairy, fruit and wine-growing district, thanks to the irrigated water supplied by the Murray River and the warm, stable climate.