Marlo photos


Marlo is located at the mouth of the Snowy River, in Victoria's far east, and 14 kilometres south of the major centre of Orbost.

Access to Marlo from Orbost is via Marlo Road which closely follows most of the Snowy River's final journey through grazing land and pockets of rainforest to the open sea. There are various picnic spots and river viewing areas along this route.

Marlo itself is a tranquil seaside resort and fishing town, offering a number of holiday houses and caravan parks for guests. The small commercial centre features a general store and the historic Marlo Hotel, which is perched on a hilltop overlooking the Snowy River, with the town's main jetty and boat ramp below.

The coastal road at Marlo heads east to Cape Conran. Along this route are superb lookouts over the Snowy River mouth and the ocean coastline. The Cape Conran Coastal Park extends from west of Cape Conran and all along the coast to the neighbouring fishing village of Bemm River. It features pristine beaches, rocky cliffs, walking tracks and good fishing spots. At the actual cape, a mixture of rocky and sandy beaches are present, with the West Cape offering scenic views at the Salmon Rocks lookout. The East Cape has similar features but also includes a scenic coastal boardwalk. The Yeerung River Road links the East Cape with the Yeerung River mouth where there are picnic facilities, good fishing spots, and a walking trail to the Yeerung Gorge.