Cape Woolamai photos

Cape Woolamai

Cape Woolamai is located at the south-eastern tip of Phillip Island, just a few kilometres from Newhaven. It is named after the very distinctive landform that consists of granite cliffs and golden beaches.

The commercial centre of Cape Woolamai is located along Vista Place and its junction with Woolamai Beach Road and includes a small supermarket and several eateries. A general store and cafe can be found closer to the beach along Cottosloe Avenue.

A surf beach lines the western coastline of Cape Woolamai which is quite popular with surfers. The northernmost part of this beach, at the end of Lantana Road, is known as The Colonnades and features basalt rock cliff faces which have been weathered by the ocean to create a geological feature resembling organ pipes. Further south is the wide expanse of sand known as Anzacs Beach which is accessed via Woolamai Beach Road. One kilometre further south, at the end of that road, is Phillip Island's only surf lifesaving club where there is a large car park and kiosk. Continuing southwards is Magic Lands Beach which is backed by steep cliffs, and the fascinating rock formation of The Pinnacles is located near the end of the cape.

The Cape Woolamai Trail extends southwards along the top of the coastal cliffs from the Woolamai Beach Surf Lifesaving Club and then loops back, deviating along a couple of branches, providing a walking trail that takes around 4 hours to complete at a very leisurely pace. It provides panoramic views of the ocean and coast, however the only access to the beach along the cape's west coast from the trail is via steps down the cliff face at Magic Lands Beach. The trail passes through areas dotted with mutton bird burrows which are inhabited by around one million of these migratory birds which fly back from Alaska each year to breed.

The eastern coastline of Cape Woolamai is dominated by sand dunes which face the water channel between Phillip Island and the mainland at San Remo. There are various access points to the northern part of this coastline along The Esplanade where there are sheltered beaches suitable for swimming. The main access point is opposite Cottosloe Avenue where there is a car park, picnic areas and a BBQ shelter.