Port Campbell photos

Port Campbell

The holiday seaside town of Port Campbell is located on the scenic Great Ocean Road, between Warrnambool and Lavers Hill.

Port Campbell is a popular tourist destination primarily because it is so closely surrounded by some of the Great Ocean Road's most famous and scenic coastal attractions. A few minutes drive away is the rocky (but broken) platform of London Bridge, the Loch Ard Gorge, Gibsons Steps, and the most celebrated of all Great Ocean Road attractions, the Twelve Apostles. Originally named "The Sow & Piglets", the Twelve Apostles are a series of off-shore limestone stacks. Wind and sea erosion continually batters them, with some having collapsed over the years, leaving 8 standing now.

The coastline around the Port Campbell area consists of steep, rocky cliffs with pristine sandy white beaches in bays at the base of many of these cliffs.

The Port Campbell commercial centre is based around the tree-lined strip of Lord Street and features cafes, restaurants and speciality shops, catering well for visitors.

Located right in the town centre is Port Campbell Bay which is an inlet of water surrounded by the Port Campbell National Park and it includes an attractive foreshore area, a calm sandy beach swimming area, and a jetty. For spectacular views across the bay, along the coast and over the town itself, take the Discovery Walk. Either climb up the steps from the beach at Port Campbell Bay and enjoy the view from the walking track along the cliff top, or alternatively access to the Discovery Walk and the Town Lookout can be reached via a car park on the Great Ocean Road to the west of town.