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  • Blacksmiths Cottage & Forge

    The heritage listed Blacksmiths Cottage was built out of stone in 1852 and consists of 4 rooms plus a weatherboard kitchen. It is surrounded by a cottage-style garden and houses a small museum of local history. Located next to the cottage is a blacksmith's workshop which operated from 1890 to 1961 and is now home to a second hand bookshop.

  • Brisbane Ranges National Park

    This park is located just north of Anakie and south-west of Bacchus Marsh. It is home to one of Victoria's richest wildflower habitats and densest koala populations. It features low mountain ranges dissected by rocky gullies and spectacular gorges including Anakie Gorge. There are picnic areas, walking tracks, camping areas and lookouts.

  • Lerderderg State Park

    Located between Bacchus Marsh and Blackwood, the park contains relics from the region's gold mining days. Notable features include a 300 metre deep gorge carved out by the Lerderderg River, Shaws Lake, picnic areas and a wide range of vegetation.

  • Long Forest Conservation Reserve

    Situated between Bacchus Marsh and Melton and stretching as far north as Merrimu Reservoir, it contains remnants of mallee vegetation between Pyrites Creek and Djerriwarrh Creek

  • Werribee Gorge State Park

    Located 8 kilometres west of Bacchus Marsh, it consists of interesting geological features, breathtaking views, rock climbing opportunities, and a network of walking tracks through areas of native flora and fauna