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  • Discovery Bay Coastal Park

    Features a majestic 50 kilometre sweep of ocean beach, huge dunes, Aboriginal middens and coastal lakes

  • Great South West Walk

    The Great South West Walk is a 250 kilometre walking track that forms a giant loop between Portland and Nelson. It passes through 4 national parks and follows the coast along the Discovery Bay Coastal Park and inland along the Glenelg River. Along the way see stunning natural features including sandy beaches, rock formations, ocean views, forests and the picturesque Glenelg River with its gorges and limestone cliffs.

  • Lower Glenelg National Park

    Covering 27,300 hectares and situated in the south-western corner of Victoria, the Glenelg River is the park's central feature as it carves gorges up to 50 metres deep through limestone

  • Princess Margaret Rose Cave

    Princess Margaret Rose Cave is located near the Glenelg River, just a few kilometres from the South Australian border. There are regular guided tours allowing visitors to examine actively growing stalactites, stalagmites, helictites and other spectacular limestone formations, some of which are over 700,000 years old. It is the only cave that is suitable for general public access in the Lower Glenelg National Park. There is an interpretive centre, auditorium, kiosk and camping grounds.