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Events & festivals

  • Rutherglen Wine Show

    September. With a history that goes back over a century, the Rutherglen Wine Show showcases wines from the region with exhibitions, public tastings and judging.

  • Tastes of Rutherglen

    March. Discover the Rutherglen region's best wine and produce during this progressive foodie feast weekend. Visit a number of wineries and sample the incredible flavours of local wines and food from celebrated regional chefs. Entertain those of all ages with masterclasses, workshops, tours, talks, live music, childrens activities and exclusive dinners.

  • Winery Walkabout

    June. Winery Walkabout has been held since 1974 and is one of the biggest annual wine festivals in Australia. Visit a selection of wineries and enjoy wine tastings, food, masterclasses, entertainment and tours.