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  • Garage Classics of Williamstown

    An automotive museum showcasing British, European and American vintage cars and motorcycles from the 1920s to 1970s, with literature, automobilia, gifts and collectables

  • HMAS Castlemaine

    The HMAS Castlemaine vessel was built in Victoria in 1941, and served during World War Two in the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and China Sea. The magnificent vessel was later restored by the Maritime Trust to become the floating museum and naval memorial that it is today. Sitauted at Gem Pier, the museum includes artefacts of early steam and sailing vessels, evidence of the first formally arranged coastal trade in Victoria and of course, Navy shipbuilding and everyday life in those times.

  • Jawbone Flora & Fauna Reserve

    Stretching along the coast from the mouth of Kororoit Creek, it consists of open grasslands traversed by walking and bicycle trails, wetland lakes and a mangrove conservation area

  • Point Gellibrand Coastal Heritage Park

    Containing a rich history associated with Victoria's early settlement, it features the Timeball Tower that was built in 1849 to guide ships past the nearby reef

  • Railway Museum

    This museum is dedicated to recording the development of Victoria's intricate rail transport system. Visitors can sample the extensive range of Victorian Railway history publications contained in the museum, including an archive of the resources that detail the early set up of the Victorian railway network by new settlers to Australia. The museum houses a collection of steam locomotives that were once operational in Victoria, as well as an exhibition featuring the evolution of the railway system in the state as diesel and eventually electrical trains and tracks were introduced post 1950.

  • Scienceworks

    The technological marvel known as Scienceworks is located 2 kilometres north of Williamstown in Spotswood. It is a popular wonderland for children and a hub for the budding and veteran science-minded among us. Explore how electricity works, what really happens when lightning strikes, and quirky physical science facts you never thought could be true. A visit to the 120 seat Lightning Room is a hair-raising experience for all, with electrifying stunts and high-voltage entertainment. Within Scienceworks is Melbourne Planetarium with its 16 metre domed ceiling and state-of-the-art theatre to recreate the night sky for its spellbound visitors. Also within Scienceworks is the historic Spotswood Pumping Station where visitors can gain an insight into how Melbourne's first centralised sewerage system began in the late 19th century.

  • Seaworks

    The Seaworks Maritime Precinct preserves an important part of Victoria's maritime heritage and includes historic buildings, workshops, piers and slipways that front Hobsons Bay. The precinct includes a maritime museum, Pirates Tavern, and is also a berthing place for the public to view tall ships that arrive from around the world.

  • Williamstown Botanic Gardens

    First opened in 1860, the gardens are located across the road from the beach. They feature a formal avenue of palms, an Edwardian ornamental pond, and a collection of rare and significant trees.

  • Williamstown Museum

    Located in the former Mechanics Institute building which was built in 1860, the museum is run by the Williamstown Historical Society. It showcases exhibits relating to Williamstown's maritime history and includes social history collections dating back to the 1800s.