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  • Corner Inlet Marine & Coastal Park

    Covering much of the large bay of Corner Inlet and directly north of Wilsons Promontory, this park features mangroves, mudflats, rocky islands and widespread seagrass meadows which are home to large numbers of migratory water birds

  • Shallow Inlet Marine & Coastal Park

    Nestled between Waratah Bay and the majestic peaks of Wilsons Promontory, the sheltered waters of Shallow Inlet provide a secluded and peaceful setting for a range of water based activities

  • Wilsons Promontory National Park

    Wilsons Promontory is the southernmost tip of the Australian mainland and one of Victoria's most popular national parks. Known as 'The Prom', the park is famous for its pristine beaches such as Squeaky beach. It is a hiker's paradise with scenic walks such as the Mt Oberon Summit Walk or epic treks like the Great Prom Walk. There is a camp ground and accommodation within the park at Tidal River.