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  • Brisbane Ranges National Park

    This park is located just north of Anakie and south-west of Bacchus Marsh. It is home to one of Victoria's richest wildflower habitats and densest koala populations. It features low mountain ranges dissected by rocky gullies and spectacular gorges including Anakie Gorge. There are picnic areas, walking tracks, camping areas and lookouts.

  • Fairy Park

    Welcome to the land of wonder where fairytales come to life! Fairy Park is situated atop a rocky granite outcrop known as Elephant Rock. Explore the themed displays which tell the story of ancient myths and legends, let the kids have fun at the Camelot Playground and enjoy the panoramic views from the summit. Fairy Park also includes a cafe, kiosk and gift shop.

  • Steiglitz Historic Park

    Encompassing the living ghost town of Steiglitz, this 469 hectare park features historic buildings from the region's gold rush days, mining relics, picnic areas, wildflowers and an abundance of wildlife