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  • Byramine Homestead

    Built in 1842 west of Yarrawonga, this homestead is classified by the National Trust and is open to the public as a memorial to the district's pioneering days. The homestead is surrounded by established gardens and features a cafe and farm produce sales.

  • Lower Ovens Regional Park

    An area of old growth red gum forest renowned for its scenery and wildlife, located along the Murray and Ovens Rivers near their junction between Yarrawonga and Rutherglen

  • Warby-Ovens National Park

    This park features the steep scarped Warby Range which offers spectacular viewing points along the ridge, many varieties of birdlife, wildflowers and good picnic and BBQ spots. It also includes the scenic lower reaches of the Ovens River which adjoins the Murray River between Yarrawonga and Rutherglen, featuring old growth red gum forest and an ideal place for fishing, boating and camping.

  • Yarrawonga Regional Park

    Located along the Murray River on the west side of Yarrawonga, the park includes a number of picnic areas in bush settings near the river. Popular designated picnic and beach areas include Bruces Bend, Chinamans Bend, Forges Bend, and The Common which has a boat ramp.