All photos found on the Travel Victoria website are the copyright material of various organisations as detailed below.

Photos owned by Travel Victoria

Unless otherwise stated, the following photos are owned by Travel Victoria.

If you wish to reproduce any of those photos, two options are available.

Option 1: Reproducing photos that you copy directly from this collection

Creative Commons License

This work by Travel Victoria is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

These photos can be reproduced free of charge, by any individual or organisation from anywhere in the world, for personal or commercial purposes, by copying them directly from this website. However, all the following conditions must be met:

  1. No more than 10 of our photos can be used on the one website, within the one printed publication or within the one video.
  2. We must be acknowledged as the source of any photos used. When reproduced on a website, this acknowledgement must include a link back to the Travel Victoria website at on the page the photos appear on and wording to indicate that Travel Victoria has supplied the photos. When published in a printed document, include wording to state that Travel Victoria has supplied the photos. When used in videos, include wording in the credits that mention Travel Victoria has supplied the photos.

Note that photos from Travel Victoria cannot be used on the following travel websites as they prohibit external links, thus you are unable to credit the photos:

We may withdraw permission for free use of our images by an individual or organisation if we believe the photos are being used in such a way which may impact negatively on our reputation or if they are used in a manner which contravenes certain laws.

If you need to reproduce more than 10 photos, or you cannot include acknowledgement of the photo source, or you require a higher resolution than what is found on this website, then you'll need to go for option 2 below.

Option 2: Reproducing high resolution versions of these photos:

The photos in this collection are also available as high quality and high resolution images, ranging from 5 to 12 megapixels in size, suitable for printing or use in electronic format. They are stored off-line in our archives and can be sent to you either via email or made available for private download.

Reproducing these high quality and high resolution images will incur a licensing fee of $15 per photo. Discounts available when purchasing 5 or more photos.

To order photos, email with a list of exactly which photos you wish to reproduce, what you will use them for, and the billing name and address you require to appear on the invoice. Including acknowledgement of the source of the photos is optional when paying a licensing fee.

Note that some of the photos we own and publish may have been taken at privately-owned businesses or property. We cannot licence or provide reproduction permission for those types of photos, as we are committed to respecting property ownership. If you need those type of photos, please contact the managers of those private properties directly.

Photos owned by Visit Victoria Content Hub

Some of the photo galleries accessed from the section "regional photographic features" within a tourist region's page are owned by Tourism Victoria and come from their Visit Victoria Content Hub image library, as detailed below.

While we have permission to reproduce those photos for the purposes of promoting tourism in Victoria, anyone else wishing to use them for whatever purpose should register themselves at Visit Victoria Content Hub to gain access to the full gallery. Some photos may be free of change, others may incur a cost.

Note that a few of the photos within the Alpine region gallery were supplied by Alpine Region Tourism.

Photos owned by accommodation providers

Photos that appear on the pages of individual accommodation listings are generally owned by the relevant property and any enquiries should be directed to them specifically.

Note that photographs displayed within listings for accommodation properties that are part of the Wotif or affiliate program are licenced for use on Travel Victoria as part of each property's affiliate agreement. If you are a property owner, contact us if any of those photos are out or date and you require them to be updated.