Digital radio

Digital Radio

In 2009, digital radio services began broadcasting in Melbourne, offering high quality sound and extra features using the DAB+ standard. At the moment, there is no digital radio coverage outside of Melbourne, however some areas of the Mornington Peninsula, Bass Coast, Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula are able to receive it.

Most of Melbourne's AM and FM radio stations simulcast on the digital radio network. Additionally, there are a large number of digital-only stations.

Most digital radio transmissions are available for live listening via the internet.

Digital radio stations in Melbourne

AM radio

3AR (now incorporated into ABC Radio National) began Victoria's first AM radio station broadcast in Melbourne during January 1924.

Due to its susceptibility to interference, these days AM broadcasting is mainly used for talk, news and sports radio.

AM broadcasts can usually be picked up from a much greater distance from the transmitter at night due to atmospheric conditions.

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FM radio

EON-FM (now known as Triple M) was Australia's first commercial FM radio station. It commenced broadcasting in Melbourne during July 1980.

Most radio broadcasting is now on the FM band due to its superior sound quality over AM broadcasts.

FM radio transmissions are sometimes able to be carried across Bass Strait, so areas along Victoria's far south coast near Wilsons Promontory may pick up broadcasts from stations along the northern coast of Tasmania. Areas of Victoria near the northern border with New South Wales and the western border with South Australia may also receive broadcasts from interstate stations.

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