Car hire

Car hire

Hiring a car to explore Melbourne and Victoria offers flexibility and convenience for those without their own vehicle or where public transport is not available. Car hire depots are located within Melbourne, a number of regional cities and towns, and at several airports.

Major car hire companies

These major car hire companies have rental depots in Victoria.

Car hire at airports

A number of airports in Victoria have the convenience of on-site car hire depots.

Airport Location Hire car company
Melbourne 21 kilometres from Melbourne
Avalon 20 kilometres from Geelong
Bendigo 4 kilometres from Bendigo
Mildura 10 kilometres from Mildura
Portland 14 kilometres from Portland

Driving on toll roads with a hire car

Melbourne has several toll roads. All toll roads in Melbourne are cashless, so vehicles are identified for billing purposes when passing under toll gantries without stopping. Identification occurs either through communication with an electronic tag fitted inside the vehicle or with cameras that can read vehicle number plates.

When hiring a vehicle, there are usually standard arrangements in place to cover the payment of road tolls, however renters should always confirm the nature of those arrangements. Many hire car companies allow renters to have tolls incurred automatically billed to them, so renters may not need to be concerned about driving on a toll road or payment.

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