State government

State government


Victoria's state government is based in the capital city of Melbourne.

The Parliament of Victoria is a two house structure comprising of:

  • Legislative Assembly (lower house) with 88 elected members - see current members
  • Legislative Council (upper house) with 40 elected members - see current members

Premier of Victoria

The party or coalition who controls the most seats in the lower house of parliament forms government, with their leader becoming the premier of Victoria.

Victoria's current premier is Jacinta Allan.

Jacinta Allan is the leader of the Victorian Labor Party and was sworn into office on the 27th September 2023, succeeding Daniel Andrews who resigned after almost 9 years as premier.

Premier Jacinta Allan
Premier Jacinta Allan


State elections are held every fourth year on the last Saturday in November. The last state election was held on Saturday 26th November 2022 and the next state election will be held on Saturday 28th November 2026.

Voting is compulsory for everyone listed on the electoral roll, and generally all Australian citizens 18 years or over must enrol to vote.