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Current conditions

Current conditions

Rainfall radar

Map of weather radars
Radar location 64 km view 128 km view 256 km view 512 km view
Melbourne 64 128 256 512
Bairnsdale   128 256 512
Yarrawonga 64 128 256 512
Mildura   128 256 512
Mt Gambier (S.A.)   128 256 512

Satellite images

Image type Description
Infrared Derived from the temperature of the sky, it depicts higher and colder clouds in an increasing bright white colour, while warmer low cloud will show up in darker shades of grey. Cloud that is close to the ground or fog may not show up in these snapshots. Images are available 24 hours a day.
Visible Effectively a black and white photographic snapshot with thick cloud showing up as bright white objects and thin cloud as paler shades of grey. Warmer low cloud and fog, which may not be detected by infrared, will show up in this snapshot. Thin high cloud is usually better detected in the infrared image. Nothing can be seen at night.