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Melway - Greater Melbourne Street Directory

Melway street directory

First published in 1966, the Melway is a street directory which covers Melbourne and its suburbs, the Mornington Peninsula, Phillip Island, Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula, the Yarra Valley, part of the Macedon Ranges and some surrounding towns. It also includes public transport information, landmarks, parks, a community services directory and a touring section which has maps of Victoria and parts of New South Wales and South Australia.

The Melway is Melbourne's most popular, accurate and widely used street directory. It uses unique cartography whereby roads are rendered as a single line and colour coded depending on their type, allowing details such as separate carriageways, traffic islands and other road features to be precisely shown.

The Melway is widely available and can be purchased at many retail outlets including newsagents, office stationery shops, book stores, service stations, automotive shops and department stores.

Latest release: Edition 49, 2023 (published in March 2022).

A special edition Melway Ballarat is available from local retailers in the Ballarat area which covers this regional city's centre and surrounding suburbs.

Further information: Melway Publishing

RACV VicRoads Country Street Directory

RACV VicRoads Country Street Directory

The RACV VicRoads Country Street Directory has street level maps for over 300 towns and cities within Victoria, excluding the greater Melbourne and Geelong area (use the Melway for those areas). It has detailed touring maps which cover every corner of Victoria and large scale overview maps of the suburban and surrounding areas of Melbourne and Geelong.

It can be purchased from RACV shops, book stores, newsagents, automotive shops, service stations and department stores.

Latest release: Edition 9, 2013

Spatial Vision's VicMap Book

Spatial Vision's VicMap Book

Spatial Vision produce a series of directories that completely cover the 5 broad geographical areas of Victoria - central, north-west, north-east, south-west and south-east. Coverage also extends at least 20 kilometres across the border into New South Wales and South Australia.

First published in 2006, the maps in these award-winning directories are based on over 80 input layers which are sourced from various government agencies and private organisations. They also include large scale maps of cities and towns. The VicMap Book series of directories is ideal for general touring, four wheel driving, mountain bike riding, camping, fishing and bushwalking.

Further information: Spatial Vision Maps

UBD Gregory's

UBD Gregorys Victoria UBD Gregorys Melbourne

There are two major directories by UBD Gregory's that are useful for visitors to Victoria.

The Melbourne Street Directory has a similar coverage to the Melway, including the city, surrounding suburbs, Geelong, Phillip Island and both the Mornington and Bellarine Peninsulas.

The Victoria Street Directory has street maps of over 100 cities and towns throughout the state, plus large touring maps which cover all of Victoria.

Further information: Hardie Grant Publishing