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Myki smart card


Myki (pronounced as "my key") is a smart card ticketing system for users of public trains, trams and buses in Victoria. It provides seamless travel between all modes of public transport.

The Myki reusable plastic card stores credit for public transport usage. It can be added to at any time at Myki machines, designated retail outlets, by phone or on the internet at Alternatively, you can set up automatic top-up of your Myki from your bank account or credit card, ensuring you will always have credit available for travel.

Myki cards can be purchased from vending machines at railway stations, selected tram stops, some bus interchanges, all 7-Eleven convenience stores, many newsagents, online from, or by phoning Public Transport Victoria on 1800 800 007 between 6am and midnight 7 days a week.

When travelling on public transport using Myki, you don't need to work out which is the appropriate type of ticket to buy or to have money on hand to cover the fare. Simply touch your Myki card on a Myki reader when you board and also when you leave your public transport and the best fare is automatically calculated and deducted from your stored balance. Note that it is not necessary to touch off when using trams as a default fare is applied, unless your tram journey is only within zone 2 and you wish to touch off to claim a cheaper fare.

Children aged 3 years or under travel on public transport for free, thus they do not require a Myki card.

Regional, interstate and international visitors to Melbourne may consider buying a Myki Explorer. It is pre-loaded with enough money to provide you with unlimited travel for one day throughout Melbourne's metropolitan public transport network. It includes handy maps and discounts offers at a selection of popular attractions.

Myki is the only ticketing system in use within metropolitan Melbourne and surrounding regional areas where your journey does not extend further from Melbourne than Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong (including Bellarine Peninsula), Seymour and Traralgon. Outside of that area, you will require a paper ticket.

Paper V/Line tickets

If you are travelling on trains further away from Melbourne than Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Seymour or Traralgon, this is regarded as a long distance service and you will require a valid V/Line paper ticket, even if your journey commences within areas covered by Myki.

For bus travellers, V/Line paper tickets are only required if you travel on bus networks that are outside of the Melbourne metropolitan area and are also outside of bus networks that operate within Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong (including Bellarine Peninsula), Latrobe Valley and Seymour.

Purchase a V/Line paper ticket at or phone 1800 800 007 between 6am to midnight.

Free tram zone

Melbourne has a free tram zone that covers the CBD, Queen Victoria Market and Docklands. All journeys within this zone are free and you do not need a Myki card to travel. Signage at tram stops will identify the zone boundary.

If your journey starts or finishes outside the free tram zone boundary, you will need a Myki card to travel and you will need to touch on either when you board the tram or when the tram leaves the free tram zone.

As the City Circle Tram (view map) operates exclusively within the free tram zone, travellers do not need to use a Myki card on any part of that service.

Free tram zone map (PDF) ››