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Melbourne Bike Share

Melbourne Bike Share

Melbourne Bike Share is a public bike hire scheme whereby the general public can share the use of bicycles to get around Melbourne. Around 50 bike stations are located around inner city Melbourne and a bike can be collected from one of those station and and returned to any other station.

A daily, weekly or annual subscription can be purchased which allows the rider between 30 to 60 minutes free use of a bicycle during each trip made during the subscription period. Usage fees apply if any of your trips exceed the free use period. As such, Melbourne Bike Share is designed for short trips, not long term use.

It is compulsory that anyone riding a bicycle on a road, bike path or in a public place in Victoria must wear a helmet for protection. Users of Melbourne Bike Share can either use the free helmets supplied, bring their own helmet, or buy a low-cost helmet from vending machines at designated locations or from selected 7-Eleven convenience stores.

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oBike is a dockless bicycle sharing system that operates in Melbourne. The distinctive yellow bikes are fitted with smart locks, a built-in GPS and airless tyres. They can be picked up and dropped off at safe and accessible locations, rather than specific docks. It is perfect for short journeys, especially a one way trip.

Hire rates are based on 30 minute periods. Simply install the oBike app on your mobile phone, create an account and pay a security deposit which is fully refundable. Use the app to locate the nearest oBike to you and reserve it. When you get to it, scan the QR code on the bike and it will be unlocked, ready for your use. When you are finished with it, leave it at any location suitable for public bicycle parking and lock it, ready for the next user.

As Victorian laws require people who ride bikes in public to wear helmets, users of oBike will need to bring a helmet with them.

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Bicycles and trains

Bicycles can be taken aboard metropolitan trains. Walk your bike along the platform and only mount it after leaving the station precinct.

Bicycles can be taken aboard V/Line trains subject to space availability, as determined by the conductor. Travelling off-peak will provide a much greater certainty of space being available. Further information is available from the V/Line bicycles and luggage information.

Secure bike cages are available at selected train stations in Melbourne and regional Victoria. They are provided through the Parkiteer program and free to use, accessible with a swipe card.

Bicycle routes in Victoria

Victoria's bicycle network consists of either bike lanes on roads or off-road bicycle tracks.

Resources for bike riders in Victoria: