Dog friendly

Dog friendly

Many travellers cannot bear the thought of a holiday without their furry friends. Luckily there are a range of dog-friendly accommodation options across Victoria to suit their needs.

Holiday homes that allow dogs in beachside areas are a good choice, especially for families who fancy a summer escape with man's best friend. Farm stay accommodation also may allow pets to tag along with their owners. Caravan parks are also great choice, with many catering for dogs and their owners. Some well-appointed hotels or apartments may welcome small pets in specially designated rooms.

Guide dogs, as used by people with vision impairments, are exempt from any pet restrictions under Victorian law which is upheld by the Domestic Animals Act and the Disability Discrimination Act. Therefore guide dogs can stay with their handlers at any accommodation establishment in Victoria which is open to the general public, such as motels and caravan parks.

Looking for somewhere to stay with your dog?

The Dogs On Holidays website features only accommodation that is suitable for travellers who are bringing a dog along with them.

There are over 280 accommodation listings throughout Victoria, including hotels, apartments, holiday houses, cottages and caravan parks.

When enquiring or booking your accommodation, you should mention that you wish to bring your dog and discuss its requirements and any restrictions that may apply. Some properties have strict conditions on the type of dogs permitted and where on the property they are allowed to stay.

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