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Houseboats are an interesting accommodation option - just think of it like a holiday house that cruises along a river or lake, fully self-contained with everything you need for that truly independent holiday experience. Skippering your own boat means that you can go wherever you want, or just pull into the bank for a while and spend some time ashore. And you don't even need a boat licence to operate one.

Murray River houseboats

Houseboats can be hired from several towns along the Murray River. Your journey may involve the fascinating process of traversing a lock which controls water levels and regulates river flow for irrigation purposes. Once your houseboat enters the concrete lock chamber and the gate is closed, the water level in the chamber will either rise or fall to match the level in the river that you are navigating into. The gate will then open and you are free to proceed on your journey.

  • All Seasons Houseboats

    Enjoy a houseboating experience on the Murray with a contemporary fleet to choose from, ranging from 3 to 6 bedroom watercraft. Conveniently available from the marina at Mildura.

  • Bella Casa Houseboats

    These luxurious houseboats are moored at Moama, just across the Murray River from Echuca. They are immaculately presented, spacious, family friendly and even include a heated spa.

  • Executive Houseboats

    Relax in luxury on board these beautifully crafted houseboats. They have a covered top deck with heated spa pool and gas BBQ. Free parking is available at Merool Caravan Park, near where the houseboats can be hired from, just across the Murray River from Echuca.

  • Luxury on the Murray Houseboats

    At Perricoota Marina in Moama, just across the Murray River from Echuca, these luxurious houseboats can be hired. Even regular houseboat renters will be pleasantly surprised by what Luxury on the Murray Houseboats has to offer.

  • Mildura Houseboats

    Hire a houseboat at Mildura from the experienced staff at Mildura Houseboats. With 14 houseboats to choose from, there is sure to be one that suits your group size and budget.

  • Rich River Houseboats

    Pioneer your own adventure when you hire a houseboat from Riverboat Dock in Echuca. The houseboats can sleep from 8 to 12 people with all the conveniences you would expect from accommodation on the land.

Lake Eildon houseboats

For houseboating on a lake that is around 2 hours drive from the centre of Melbourne, head to Eildon on the shores of Lake Eildon. It is Victoria's second largest lake with over 500 kilometres of coastline.

  • Lake Eildon Houseboats

    Enjoy the unique experience of a boating holiday aboard a well designed and easy to handle houseboat. Based at Lake Eildon Marina, the fleet consists of both budget and luxury houseboats which can sleep up to 12 people.

  • Waters Edge Eildon Houseboat Hire

    Waters Edge operate a fleet of 3 houseboats at Lake Eildon Marina which are fully equipped with everything you need to enjoy a relaxing boating holiday. They even have a houseboat which is wheelchair friendly.