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The myths, facts and artefacts of those who came before us are cleverly frozen in time between the walls of museums across Australia.

Take a stroll around the exhibits at your local museum, and what do you find? Eclectic displays of scientific and artistic snapshots of history, allowing the visitor to not only learn a little more about the past, but to live in it for just a moment.

The first museums ever known of were nothing more than the collection of private valuables kept by the upper class. They were usually pieces of artwork passed down through generations, or cabinets filled with weird and the wonderful items that ordinary people could not afford to collect. These days, museums are public galleries, with three-dimensional exhibits suitable for all ages, tastes, historical interests and fascinations.

Victoria is home to some of the highest-quality museums in the world, with thousands of staff dedicated to collection care and preservation, and a wide array of artefacts spanning the natural, scientific, artistic and cultural wonders that many travel across the globe to see.