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Coastal & marine parks

Coastal & marine parks

Discover the marvel of Victoria's protected coastline and marine waters.

Coastal Parks and Marine Parks protect areas of coastal, intertidal or subtidal land which are of conservation or scientific significance.

Marine National Parks or Marine Sanctuaries encompass over 5 percent of Victoria's coastal waters. These parks and sanctuaries contain important marine habitats and species, or encompass areas of significant natural features. They are highly protected areas in which no fishing, extractive or damaging activities are permitted. Visitors are welcome to enjoy activities such as swimming, diving, snorkelling and boating within marine national parks and sanctuaries. However, they are "no take" environments, so visitors are not permitted to remove fish, crustaceans, plants, shells, sand or any other items.

Coastal and marine parks
No. Park Nearby cities, suburbs, towns
1 Barwon Bluff Marine Sanctuary Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove
2 Bay of Islands Coastal Park Allansford, Peterborough, Warrnambool
3 Beware Reef Marine Sanctuary Bemm River, Marlo
4 Bunurong Marine National Park Cape Paterson, Inverloch
5 Bunurong Marine Park Cape Paterson, Inverloch, Wonthaggi
6 Cape Conran Coastal Park Bemm River, Marlo
7 Cape Howe Marine National Park Mallacoota
8 Cape Liptrap Coastal Park Sandy Point, Tarwin Lower, Venus Bay, Walkerville, Waratah Bay
9 Churchill Island Marine National Park Newhaven, Rhyll
10 Corner Inlet Marine National Park Port Welshpool, Yanakie
11 Corner Inlet Marine & Coastal Park Foster, Port Franklin, Port Welshpool, Toora, Yanakie
12 Discovery Bay Coastal Park Cape Bridgewater, Nelson, Portland
13 Discovery Bay Marine National Park Cape Bridgewater, Portland
14 Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary Aireys Inlet
15 French Island Marine National Park French Island
16 Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park Golden Beach, Lakes Entrance, Metung, Paradise Beach, Seaspray
17 Jawbone Marine Sanctuary Williamstown
18 Marengo Reefs Marine Sanctuary Apollo Bay, Marengo
19 Merri Marine Sanctuary Warrnambool
20 Mushroom Reef Marine Sanctuary Flinders
21 Ninety Mile Beach Marine National Park Seaspray
22 Nooramunga Marine & Coastal Park Port Albert, Port Welshpool, Woodside
23 Point Addis Marine National Park Anglesea, Torquay
24 Point Cook Coastal Park Point Cook, Werribee
25 Point Cooke Marine Sanctuary Point Cook
26 Point Danger Marine Sanctuary Torquay
27 Point Hicks Marine National Park Bemm River, Cann River
28 Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park Point Lonsdale, Portsea, Queenscliff, St Leonards
29 Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary Beaumaris, Black Rock
30 Shallow Inlet Marine & Coastal Park Sandy Point, Yanakie
31 The Arches Marine Sanctuary Port Campbell
32 Twelve Apostles Marine National Park Port Campbell, Princetown
33 Wilsons Promontory Marine National Park Tidal River
34 Wilsons Promontory Marine Park Tidal River, Yanakie
35 Yaringa Marine National Park Cannons Creek, Pearcedale, Somerville