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Horse riding

There are many places throughout Victoria where horse riding can be undertaken. It is a great way to view some of Victoria's spectacular scenery. Ride along the ocean beaches and cliff tops in areas of the Mornington Peninsula and Great Ocean Road. Explore the mountains and wilderness of north-eastern Victoria's High Country on horseback. Traverse peaceful bush trails in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range through Gippsland. Ride through forests of red gums along the Murray River.

There are many organisations that conduct guided riding tours. Horses, and basic tuition for those who need it, are provided. Durations vary from half an hour to several days, catering for all abilities.

Rail trails

For those with their own horse, popular places in Victoria for riding are along the numerous rail trails. Once the site of railway tracks, rail trails now make pleasant venues for horse riding, as well as walking and cycling.